“Re-live the big-earringed, heavy-sleeved glory of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia through darling felt effigies at this love letter to one of the greatest TV series of all time”

“Re-visit the Golden Girls as feisty puppets!”

“Golden Girls fans have a treat in store. Chockablock with funny lines that echo the series"

“Why would you deprive the world of so much felt covered joy?"

“The Ultimate Golden Girls experience"

“Classy and Sassy! Sashay on over to the theatre and check out his laugh-out-loud parody 'That Golden Girls Show!' where you can relive the funniest iconic moments from the series"


“Hilarious! It's as bitty, catty and familiar. It is funny, heartwarming and nostalgic rolled into one"

“Splendidly fun tribute! Truly excels at bringing a pop culture classic into the 21st century. It feels just as fresh, modern and daring as it does familiar"

“What a hoot! Jonathan Rockefeller hit the jackpot. A unique tribute show that is as funny as, if not more, than the original"

"Audiences are entertained and fascinated and may even become enlightened to the problem-solving abilities of cheesecake"

“Hilarious, delightful, the perfect escape for anyone looking for laughs this season"

“The production packs in some of the show's great punch lines and draws on various plotlines fans will find familiar. A puppet parody feels like the right medium to revisit the iconic characters"

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